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Our fundraising event was delayed due to illness, urgent building work and paperwork for Isaac's visa. We are now trying to complete our run in April/May 2024.


The Butcher family in one BIG effort will be running 100km up a mountain to help raise funds to continue their work helping kids and the poor in Bolivia. 

You can get involved by directly sponsoring the Butchers (CLICK HERE)

or by joining in the fun!


For every 10km we run…would you or your kids

run or ride 1km, or more if you would like?


Some of you might be capable of matching our kilometres!

You can ask friends and family to sponsor you and share your part of this mission with your school, your groups, church, clubs and more.


We've made it really easy to join in by providing an information PDF and a sponsorship form that you can download here:

The Butcher's 100Km Run

Bolivia 100 Sponsorship Form

We will post videos of our training.  You can join in with us by sharing ours or your own training on social media building up to the big day we will run and then you will run or ride. The exact day of the run will be decided depending on the weather. We need a cooler day to do this as most days it's around 32C and very humid. As soon as we confirm the day and complete the run, it will then be down to you to do your part. 

Some of the items we need to finish to open the mission centre are:


More than 40 windows, 2 bathrooms including toilet, shower, sinks etc,..

Tiling, painting and installing furniture and appliances.

Security fencing, lighting, electrics to finish on ground and upper level.

Water tank housing, plus repair road to water tanks. 

Entrance gate/road.

The target for covering many of these expenses is ~£100K which is why we are running 100K!  


However every penny counts, we really know how each penny and pound multiplies quickly, so no matter what you give please know you are making a difference. 

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