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Our Massa Madre (Sourdough Starter) has been produced using a controlled PH environment to help form the best natural yeasts for producing Pan de Massa Madre (Sourdough bread). She will adapt to your program of feeding and the climate you live in.



If you are baking daily, you should feed the Massa Madre daily with water and wholegrain flour. How much you feed depends on how much you use when baking. But normally you put back in what you take out. We suggest in hot, humid climates you add more flour than water. For example 60g water to 80-100g flour. 


If you are not baking every day then you can store in the fridge. Remove 1 day before you are going to bake and feed the massa madre twice within 24 hours.


If you want to make an order please send us a message and we will prepare 100g in a sanitised glass jar for you to collect on a Tuesday or Thursday in El Torno, Santa Cruz. 

Massa Madre - Sourdough Starter

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